Meet Our Donors

The desire to plan for the future leads many to ponder their legacies. Two long-time donors to Kennedy Krieger Institute did just that and although their stories and backgrounds are quite different, their motivation was the same. They both made deliberate decisions and took concrete steps to include Kennedy Krieger Institute in their estate plans.

Jane Terrell Neer

Born with athetoid cerebral palsy affecting movement along the entire right-hand side of her body, Jane Terrell Neer made her first trip to Baltimore for an appointment with Dr. Winthrop Phelps in 1941, when she was just a month old. Jane's father, a prominent surgeon in Richmond, Virginia, wanted only the best for her.

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Jason Abosch

Jesse Brown is a man of science also driven by faith.

As a former medical technologist at Maryland's Fort Meade, he dedicated his career to finding more efficient ways to test for the deadly blood disorder sickle cell anemia. Much of Jesse's work included studying in the lab, and writing scientific journal articles, but there was a certain leap of faith involved—and Jesse has that same faith in Kennedy Krieger.

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Jason Abosch

Jason Abosch, an entrepreneur and young business owner who runs his own insurance planning firm in Baltimore, is a young and committed community leader in Baltimore. He gives of his time, talent and treasure, volunteering with many worthwhile organizations. As an insurance planning specialist, Jason spends his days advising clients on matters of financial health and security. And as a member of the Planned Giving Advisory Committee for Kennedy Krieger Institute, Jason helps bring the mission of the Institute to his clients and acquaintances, beyond our traditional trajectory.

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