Limited Time Gift Opportunities Due to Low IRS Discount Rate

The IRS Discount Rate is the lowest it has been in history. This creates special gift planning opportunities to allow you to support Kennedy Krieger Foundation while getting extra benefits for you and your family. Here are some of the exciting opportunities:

  1. More Tax-Free Income From A Charitable Gift Annuity: When the discount rate goes down, the amount of tax-free income from a charitable gift annuity goes up! Click here to learn more about a charitable gift annuity with Kennedy Krieger Foundation.
  2. More Inheritance for Your Children or Grandchildren: One of the most common estate planning goals we hear from those subject to the estate tax is their desire to maximize the assets they can pass to their children or grandchildren while still supporting our mission. The tool we use to help you do that is called a charitable lead trust. When the discount rate is low, it makes it easier to get more to your children or grandchildren at reduced estate tax cost. Click here to learn more about a Charitable Lead Trust.
  3. Get a Big Income Tax Deduction for Your Vacation Home, But Keep Using It for the Rest Of Your Life: Many of our donors own vacation properties that they enjoy, but their families will no longer want when the donors pass. You can give Kennedy Krieger Foundation the property right now and continue using it for the rest of your live(s). When the last life tenant passes away, we own the property. It does not have to go through probate and your heirs need not worry about it. Best of all, with the low discount rate, you will get a much higher income tax charitable tax charitable deduction. Click here to learn more about a Retained Life Estate.